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Designing a smarter way to transfer funds in Thailand.

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Nice things people have said

  • We hired Michael to help define our entire user interface. The result was a visually stunning UI that was also very intuitive to use. Michael provided a huge amount of leadership, expertise and insight that helped us navigate through the process to a great end result."

    Daniel Dyer

    Hewlett-Packard, Distinguished technologist and senior architect

  • Michael is that rare breed who’s equal parts creative and technologist. A combo businesses need more than ever today. He brought great insight into what we needed from both a business and marketing standpoint, helping us build something more consumer centric. And provided us with a solution that’s flexible, adaptable, and extremely easy to use."

    Shannon Cullum

    CMO, BetterTradeOff

  • Michael worked very well with our company and delivered a very slick product on time. He was willing to work with us on billing. His team also really helped us with strategic marketing research to form our brand. We wouldn't be the same without them. I can highly recommend him."

    David Neubert

    Co-Founder, Kapitall

  • Michael is a true craftsman of UI design. Whether it's a single icon or an entire website, his artistic talent shines through. He understands the needs both of the end users and of the other developers on the team, creating HTML/CSS that is both functional and elegant."

    Marc Novakowski

    Principal Software Engineer at Pandora

  • Working with Michael on Elite Model Look was a pleasurable experience. Michael is always generous to share his expertise and knowledge in the digital space, he turned our rough ideas into clear concepts that surpassed our expectations. He brought valuable insights to our media communication plan. Looking forward to collaborate with him."

    Eric Alexandre Ceret

    Executive Producer, Elite Models

  • Michael is one of those people who possess the rare combination of strategic business acumen, stunningly creative design talent, and the expert technical chops to make it all happen. I have enjoyed working with Michael and would gladly work with him again."

    Mason Hale

    CEO/Founder, TeamTopia

  • I have worked closely with Michael on a variety of online and print creative projects. He's a rare combination of vision, creative talent and technical expertise. Coinsistently, Michael produces prolific, quality results. He is a true artist with a pragmatic business sense and a engineer's grasp on technology. I endorse him solidly."

    Shira Kates

    Snapdragon Strategy, Principle Innovation Consultant

  • Michael is bright, driven to achieve useful perfection within reality, and able to do anything he says he can do. Not only that, he does it well! He has an inventive mind. His art is impressive and professional in every way. He is a businessman artist and a joy to work with."

    Victoria Duff


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