What if there was a magic button that could Refresh Everything?

How Pepsi's iconic RefreshEverything campaign became the FTW how-to manual for integrated advertising.

    It was Super Bowl XLIII.

    We were working with with Pepsi to conceive, execute and deliver a brand experience that would launch Pepsi's Super Bowl sponsorship and advertising, kicking off one of the first integrated brand campaigns ever.

    Bandwidth was low. Social media was fresh.

    And people were sharing a lot of share-worthy content. With just 2 weeks to deliver, we had to focus on creative solutions. What if we delivered a content-rich creative strategy without actually having to create content? What if we designed a campaign powered by people? A destination for inspiration, creativity, and opportunity.

    In 2008.

    The new Pepsi Generation.

    Refreshing the world in real-time.

    Pepsi's story of "rethink the past, refresh with the new," struck a chord. More so when they gave us an early look at their upcoming Bob Dylan/Will.I.Am TV spot.

    Crystal clear, our mission was to refresh every experience that people have with Pepsi. Starting with refreshing the "refresh button". A central theme that would be used across all channels.

    The RefreshEverything button was designed to be placed anywhere to refresh every online experience to become a Pepsi experience.

    The Results

    Leveraging Pepsi's owned content, with a generous helping of user-generated content, we delivered a first of its' kind campaign that set the bar for Pepsi's digital strategy ever since.

    • We delivered a first of its' kind campaign that set the bar for Pepsi's integrated marketing strategy ever since.
    • Inspired millions of people to tell powerful and personal stories with user generated content for Pepsi's content curation team.
    • A campaign so successful that the following year Pepsi skipped Super Bowl advertising, instead inviting entrepreneurs to RefreshEverything by sharing ideas that would make the world a better place, committing the $20 million Super Bowl budget as grant money to fund winning causes.




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