Designing a smarter way to transfer funds in and out of Thailand for this startup.

This Thailand FinTech startup is on a mission to make international banking easy and accessible to Thais and expats alike.

User Experience UI Design Creative Direction Rapid Prototyping

    The Thailand banking system is unlike any other in the world.

    Archaic systems and stringent compliance regulations often restrict people's ability to conveniently manage and transfer funds internationally--or even locally.

    This startup is about to change all of that.

    As the only company approved in Thailand to provide and support international banking fund transfers, they're leading the way for Thailand to become a financial center in Southeast Asia.

    Working with the product, marketing, and development teams, I delivered a beautiful, pixel-perfect UX/UI design -- all while complying with Thailand banking regulation.

    UX and UI design of more than 150 screens and interactions for this complex FinTech app, completed in just three weeks.

    Streamlining the design-to-development pipeline.

    Knowledge and experience of the process and requirements of agile development were the drivers for a component-based design approach.

    In short, I thought to myself, "self, if you were to be the one to program this app, how would you want the design assets delivered?"

    Smart product. Smart design.

    The DeeMoney design system was built for extensibility, so the UI components work well alongside each other, and render perfectly on different devices.

    Using Atomic Design principles, every element was designed as a Sketch library object. Including icons, form elements, currency objects, errors, and content cards, all of which would then be developed as modular and reusable components in the React app.

    That is, the development team could choose to export the designed components as image files, JSON, or even ReactJS code components, as long as it gets them to a simple programming solution.

    To further support the development team, as well as sell in the design to C-levels, I developed a clickable hi-fidelity prototype of user interactions and task flows, allowing stakeholders to view and interact with the UI on their own devices, allowing for rapid design iterations prior to committing to development.

    Results that matter.

    • The only licensed company in Thailand to allow international mobile fund transfers, DeeMoney will launch an easy to use mobile Progressive Web App, that requires no download from the app store.
    • Delivered a unique, forward-thinking UX/UI design of over 150 screens and interactions in three weeks.
    • Design modules and components provided easy implementation for the DeeMoney development team.

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