Bringing the funk.

To the Year of the Tiger.



And The Funk.

In The Year of the Tiger.

Every Lunar New Year I see lackluster posts in my social feeds shouting "Gong Xi Fa Cai!". Usually, mediocre images of red with gold icons of the animal of the year are posted by advertising agencies that don’t have the creativity or the resources to do something cool.

It’s better to not post anything rather than post shit for the sake of posting shit.

This year I challenged myself, and my team, to create something fun for the Year of the Tiger. To be creative. To actually make something.

Something different.

Something fun.

Despite a full workload delivering for clients, I committed myself, and my exhausted team, to creating something special for the 2022 Lunar New Year. Something interactive, original, and fun that people would play with and share.

Feel free to skip the rest of the story and jump straight to the app to get yo' funky fortune.

We gotta have that funk.

I made this little app as a tribute to the 70's Black Kung Fu films and funky disco culture from my childhood.

幸福,繁荣和迪斯科 is a fun fortune telling app that tells the story of the 12 Chinese Zodiac animals and their race to the Jade Emperor at the Golden Gates.

Check it out here

Original illustration.

Each of the 12 animals was illustrated and designed to represent famous artists and musicians from the funk and disco era of the 70s.

Check it out here

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Imperfect open source.

Of course, the code is open source. Feel free to use it to make something cool. No strings attached, no support offered.

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