Know when to HODL.

Know when to FODL.

Crypto is a volatile market.

And Bitcoin is the one coin to rule them all. When BTC takes a dip (i.e., crashes) it takes every other coin down with it.

Which is great if you can buy the dip, not-so-great if you're left holding a worthless bag.

The problem.

I saw the Bitcoin crash as a great opportunity to fill my bags with stacks of my favorite crypto.

The problem was tracking the real-time performance of all my buys during the frenetic ups and downs of the market.

The solution.

I decided to make a crypto dashboard as a Progressive Web App so I can watch my holdings and real-time profit/loss, rather than staring at charts and calculating numbers all day.

Big time useful, real time data.

I made a little app so I could add multiple cryptos to a dashboard to watch and compare on short-term performance so I would know when to HODL and when to FODL.

My goal was to get the most information with the least amount of effort. Cryptracker is a simple and easy to understand dashboard experience.

Check it out here

Only what I want to know. Right now.

A simple data visualization dashboard specifically for tracking down-to-the-minute information.

I focused on currency specific data, including short term percent change, trade volume, and latest candlestick patterns.

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Made with modern tech.

The Cryptracker is a lightening fast PWA that takes only about 500kb of space on your device.

The app was developed in React and makes API calls to a Python/FastAPI backend.

Real-time data comes from the KuCoin exchange.

Check it out here

For the diamond hands and laser eyes.

I made this little app over a weekend, so if you run across any bugs let me know.

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