Creative Technology

Launching a timely Covid Travel app over a weekend. This is how I did it.

I couldn't find a source to search for country travel restrictions and Covid case data in one place. So, I made it.

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Did I ever tell you about the time I dropped medical school to draw comic books?

Ever since, it's been a life-long conflict as my right brain and left brain wage an epic battle for dominance.

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Creative Technology

A "Suggest as you type" React Component to Help Your Users Succeed.

Rethinking a bad user experience to help you and your customers win.

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Creative Technology

A Simple React Hook to Prompt iOS Users to Install Your Wonderful PWA.

Or, “HAHA, why isn’t this thing working?!”

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How to Help Your Freelancer Help You.

Build strong relationships. Get better results. Be happy.

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Creative Technology

Animate a Better Experience with Tab Navigation and React-spring.

Your audience will love you if you give them a loving UX-in-Code experience.

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It’s 9pm, Have You Checked Your Battery? Yeah, You Have.

Here’s an Android tech-hack to squeeze a little more juice out of your battery.

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Random Thoughts

Why Read a Book, When You Can Masturbate?

This was never intended to be an article or anything. I found myself with some extra time.

Be warned, chaos ahead…

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#MadeOnMyPhone Halloween edition

Scary Kids, Halloween Vids. Even the cutest kids can be creepy as hell with the right soundtrack.

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Data Science

A Simple Introduction to Python and BigQuery for Your Big Data Needs.

I made this product called Pixt, a machine learning platform that delivers actionable info about the emotional value of content. It creates and depends on a lot of data.

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Creative Technology

A “suggest-as-you-type” search widget in 57 lines of JavaScript code.

A how-to for an effective search widget that shows suggestions as you type, in plain JavaScript, and using the Fetch API to GET content.

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Digital Marketing

Auto-Generate your Sitemap.xml with Python and deploy it as a Cron job to Google Cloud.

A simple python script to automatically generate your sitemap.xml file using Cron on Google Cloud App Engine.

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#MadeOnMyPhone 36 hours in Cambodia edition

What do you do when you suddenly realize you need to leave Thailand for a Visa run?

Book a last minute flight to Siem Reap to check out the temples of course!

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