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Leading brand experience, design, and product development for INSEAD.

    Sometimes we work with advertising agencies to deliver creative technology, brand experience, and product design to expand service offerings for their clients.

    INSEAD was a client we enjoyed working with because hey were actively seeking new ideas to increase awareness and acquisition for their MBA and Executive Education Programmes.

    Part I: Traditional integrated campaigns.

    For two years we were managing and created integrated marketing, market research, insights, social media, and traditional advertising campaigns for INSEAD.

    Delivering everything from out-of-home to print to social media, video production, and more, we were the team for INSEAD’s acquisition-focused marketing.

    The case for transformation.

    INSEAD was seeing a decline in social media engagement and an increase of conversion leaks across enrollments on their website.

    They were aware that their traditional engagement models were outdated and they needed to start reaching candidates using technology in more effective ways.

    Trial by fire.

    INSEAD asked us to develop an MVP for a mobile-first solution for their MBA Programmes.

    I performed user research, journey mapping, and information architecture, through UI design and development. We launched INSEAD’s first MVP acquisition product in just 12-weeks.

    Part II: One thing leads to another.

    The effort paid off. The success of the MVP product launch shined a light on a greater business challenge.

    The problem.

    With many disparate technologies, websites, campaigns, and more, INSEAD’s message was fragmented:

    • Lacking brand experience. What makes the INSEAD experience unique?
    • The content was “heavy” and challenging to read, resulting in high bounce rates.
    • Unwieldy navigation made it difficult to find meaningful content.
    • Experience disparity across websites and devices.
    • Complex content creation and management systems.
    • Poor SEO results in low SERP for original content.
    The solution.

    We designed an overarching creative and technology strategy to deliver a differentiated and user-centered brand experience that solves critical business problems including:

    • Optimizing the effectiveness of the greater marketing ecosystem.
    • Maximizing enrollments by increasing points for conversion and plugging conversion leaks across touchpoints.
    • Optimizing user experience across all platforms: web, tablet, mobile.
    • Ensuring ease of content creation and management.

    The brand anchor.

    “Illuminating Alumni"

    What is the most valuable brand asset that INSEAD has?

    The answer is the diversity of alumni and their inspiring success stories. INSEAD takes pride in its alumni, and vice versa.

    Engagement through storytelling.

    Alumni are the brand champions that share the diverse sories of positive change in their professional lives because of their INSEAD experiences.

    We developed this brand message as a series of shareable, interactive stories showcasing alumni accomplishments.

    Unique, personal stories celebrating their educational experiences at INSEAD and their continued successes.

    That's just the beginning.

    To bring the INSEAD experience to life, we focused on creating emotional connections with our audience. The entire brand experience was anchored on the sharing of ideas and experiences of alumni, current students, and potential candidates.

    Every engagement and interaction was designed to focus on opportunities for people to collaborate, inspire, and learn together.

    A new discovery platform.

    A common challenge that visitors faced was deciding which MBA course track they should select.

    We designed a better way for people to plan their futures, using the LinkedIn API. A system for candidates to connect their career history and interests to personalized INSEAD MBA Programmes.

    As we explored the LinkedIn API, we discovered new opportunities to use data to connect people in meaningful ways by creating a platform to help people share ideas, find like-minded people, and build their business dreams together.

    A new collaboration platform.

    A mix of LinkedIn API data and a touch of machine learning would be the foundation of a virtual INSEAD think-tank.

    A space where people on a mission to create change can connect and share ideas, find others, and make those ideas a reality.

    Results that matter.

    • Not only did we propose a solid strategy for INSEAD's brand experience,
    • Led the transformation of a traditional ad agency into a "digital-first" creative consultancy,
    • And leveraged my capabilities in user experience, technology, and creative direction to develop innovative products for the client.




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