Zeroing in on innovation, diversity, and inspiration for this renowned business school.

With a need to upgrade their digital communications across the board, Insead was looking to refactor their digital presence across social media content, their website, and mobile apps.

Digital Marketing Creative Direction User Experience UI Design Full-Stack Development

    While at The Gate Worldwide, I had the opportunity to work with the amazing Wedad Sunny to develop a creative concept and audience experience for this renowned business school.

    The challenge

    With too many disparate apps, social media campaigns, websites, and more, the school's message was fragmented.

    Insead was looking to consolidate their digital communications to bring focus to their brand story.

    They requested a proposal for a complete rethink of their online presence, seeking to communicate the core values of Insead as an international, multicultural, and innovative business school.

    Illuminating Alumni

    Insead takes great pride in their alumni, and vice versa, the Insead alumni are advocates, championing their experiences while at Insead.

    We sought to explore this idea as the brand anchor with the concept "Illuminating Alumni".

    A brand strategy that communicated core values, as well as celebrated the instituion's alumni, bringing them to the forefront of what makes Insead a unique educational experience.

    Strategy, communication goals, and user personas

    We developed marketing, communications, and technology strategies identifying key user types, personas, goals, and paths to entry.

    An omni-channel strategy which included targeted social media buys across LinkedIn and other professional sites, as well as lower cost media on Facebook.

    Tying it together in design.

    We started with a complete UX and information architecture review of Insead's massive volume of content, their courses, MBA Programmes, and everything in between.

    Then produced wireframes and UI design for Insead's website, their mobile app, and social media presence.

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