Find and fix UX problems.

Before they become business problems.

Boost sales, not costs.

My UX audit process is designed to uncover technical issues, customer pain points, and barriers to entry so you squeeze out every single cent of ROI.

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Catch conversion leaks early.

You’ve invested a lot in digital. Now get an objective audit with the proper tools and expertise to pinpoint why and where customers will drop off before you go to market.

Think as they think (and feel).

Empathy experience is front and center in my UX evaluations. Beyond technology, usability, and UX/UI, I examine the human experience to remove friction and make people feel good about your product so they come back.

They clicked. Don't lose them now.

Guide your audience from click-to-conversion by solving usability problems before they become business problems.

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Get Results.

You get actionable insights and suggestions for short and long-term solutions to improve your product's user experience, usability, and conversions.

And we catch up to discuss and prioritize your next steps to winning.

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Frequently asked

You have questions?
I have answers.

  • What's your process?

    I have 25 years of experience in UX, usability, technology, and design backed by degrees in behavioral and cognitive psychology.

    I've developed a proven set of guidelines and metrics to find and fix usability and experiential challenges that directly impact your business goals.

  • What do I get?

    I'll deliver a clear and concise report, including visuals and documentation of findings and actionable suggestions, ranked by priority and expense to help you make the right decisions quickly.

  • How long does it take?

    Typically 7-10 days to deliver. We'll start with a discovery call, so I can learn about your business, KPIs, and priorities then I get to work. It's important that I have a point of contact for questions along the way.

    Afterward, I'm available for follow up questions and discussions via email and chat to ensure you're confidence.

  • Do you do the design?

    A heuristic UX audit doesn't include UI design or wireframes. My goal is to identify and resolve critical design flaws so you succeed quickly.

    I'm happy to discuss broader engagements to deliver high-quality and usable UX/UI design. Check out my rates to see more about my capabilities and UX design services.

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How much?

$2,500 USD

This is how it works.

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1. Kick off. A Zoom call to get into the details of your business goals and objectives for your UX Audit.

2. Execute. I review and document a tailored UX Audit, including actionable suggestions, for key screens.

3. Review. We’ll arrange a follow-up call to review my findings and suggestions.

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We work with future-thinking brands, agencies and startups looking to create the next killer Brand Experience.

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