Did I ever tell you about the time I dropped medical school to draw comic books?

Ever since, it's been a life-long conflict as my right brain and left brain wage an epic battle for dominance.

Posted on Apr 24, 2021

I realized I was an artist, not a doctor.

Back in the day, I was on the medical school track, but instead, to my grandmother's dismay, I chose to pursue a career in art as a comic book illustrator.

Over the following years, I had the opportunity to work for various publishers of some comics you might've heard of and others you might not.

A while ago I went digging through my "junk closet" and found my old portfolio. Here are some unpublished pages from my old comic days.

Just for kicks.

I made a crossover mini-comic of two of my favorite characters, The Flash teaming up with Mike Allred's Madman.


The vampire superheroine from Warren Publishing's black-and-white horror comics from the 60s and 70s.

I loved the retro-psychedelic style of the original comics and was inspired to create a few pages of my own.

I thought, why not have Vampirella, the anti-heroine of the 60s, face off with Spawn the hottest comic anti-hero of the 90s?

Some others I don't remember.

There's also some work I don't even remember doing! Like these pages and cover art.

I still do.

I'm always drawing, and sometimes I'm happy with the results. Here's more stuff.

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