Problem solved.

I couldn't find simple solution for travel information in a Covid world.

So, I made it.

A simple search to help people travel in a Covid world

Covid Travel data in real-time.

Where can you travel? Is it safe? Do you need to quarantine?

Covid Travel is a web app that visualizes government travel rules and Covid data in real-time.

* No App Store required.

Check it out here

Read the article.

Modern creative technology means going from concept-to-launch doesn’t need to be complicated or demand massive time and resources.

I've written an article about my process of going from rough-concept to launching an MVP of a data-driven Progressive Web App (PWA) over a weekend.

Check out the article

Using modern web development methods, the Covid Travel web app is a lightening fast PWA that takes only about 2MB of space on your device.

Check it out here

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