There's No Return on Investment for Likes and Follows.

A solo project I developed as the first AI powered social marketing platform to understand the value of emotions, trends, interests and behaviors in visual content.

    Over 6 billion images uploaded daily.

    And every one of them has some value to someone.

    I set out to develop a machine learning-powered platform that could understand the emotional connection, trends, interests, and behaviors in the pictures and videos people upload every day. Then, using that data, determine the real dollar value of content.

    Visual Intelligence.

    Influen$e AI understands images and videos to show you the real value of influencers' content, the performance over time, and true cost per acquisition, all in real-time.

    Product development.

    I developed the platform in Python, Django Rest Framework, ES6, and using Pandas, SciKit-Learn, and XGBoost for data modeling and machine learning/training.

    That's a lot of acronyms! Let's just say, I did a lot of coding (4,687,000 lines of code) to build a unique AI platform that understands the emotions and personality of pictures and videos that people upload and share.

    Content Market Watch.

    A critical and unique feature of Influen$e is the Content Market Watch. A live feed of influencer content displaying performance, trends, engagement, value per post, and cost per acquisition.

    Using the Market Watch system, brands can place bids, in real-time, for the best content and value.

    User adoption made easy.

    No app downloads required. No barriers to entry. Just real-time, real AI-powered data.

    Alongside the desktop application, I also developed a Progressive Web App and Messenger Bot for real-time reporting and monitoring on-the-fly.




    Independent Consultant


    Product Design User Experience UI Design Data Science NLP/Machine Learning

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