Rethinking How a Global FMCG Brand Enters the Southeast Asia Market.

Oreo was challenged to apply their global brand story to the SEA market, a region made up of seven culturally disparate nations. This is how we did it.

    Oreo's powerful brand story of Wonderfilled.

    Inspiring creativity and imagination all around the world... except in Asia.

    The western brand's sales were slumping in the face of a highly competitive market and messaging that simply didn't translate to Southeast Asian cultures.

    The challenge was to rethink and adapt the Oreo brand to each SEA local market with a new narrative. A message about the cultural importance of family and the distractions, caused by technology and devices, that have changed how families and friends interact.

    Setting it up with "Together, But Alone".

    While families and friends may be physically together, we tend to become more and more apart because of the digital distractions in our lives. We are often together, but alone.

    We launched an unbranded campaign with a series of social media posts identifying the problem of being "together, but alone", comedically depicting people distracted in familiar group settings.

    We partnered with famed Singaporean YouTube influencers, Night Owl Cinematics to script and produce a series of five comedy film shorts about being "Together, But Alone" revealing that Oreo was behind the campaign all along. The success of the shorts reached nearly 5 million views on YouTube, with no paid media spend.

    Better Together.

    Now that we had the audience's attention we followed with the Better Together brand campaign, positioning Oreo as the treat to bring family and friends together.

    How does Oreo talk position itself, in Southeast Asia, as the facilitator of quality family and friend bonding moments? By using technology and content to create and facilitate experiences that bring people together.

    We launched a multi-channel campaign, including social media content, a destination website including activities, games and user generated content, short films, and the Oreo Do it Together mobile app.

    Do It Together is an app that helps families be Better Together by suggesting fun activities to complete as a family, capturing those precious moments, and rewarding their achievements.

    The app.

    The website.

    The blockbuster.

    The year long campaign was launched across social, websites and microsites, and a partnership with the summer blockbuster film, Transformers 4.


    • The campaign resulted in a 20% measurable increase in sales.
    • Social content resulted in 3.83% average engagement rate.
    • Over 5 million organic views on YouTube and other channels.
    • Organic engagement performed substantially better than Oreo's global paid media.
    • Over 10,000 downloads in the first week of the Do It Together app launch.




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