How I launched the first real-time trading platform for visual content.

More than 6 billion images and videos are uploaded and shared every single day. Every one of them is worth something to somebody.

    The Idea.

    What if I could build a simple-to-use app that identified the dollar value of image and video content, and allowed people to buy and sell that content--all in real time?

    An 8-hour challenge.

    Building an AI-powered app to receive, process, manage and display the overwhelming amount of pictures, videos, and unstructured data people upload every day is just crazy!

    Additionally, there are many platforms for uploading and sharing content, and no two are alike.

    Sure, I can make that in a day.

    The frontend solution.

    I started with the most efficient tools, pen-and-paper, to wireframe the application, focusing on the overall user experience, but also identifying technology requirements and challenges before going into design and code.

    I referenced the Influen$e UI design to maintain brand consistency, still, I wanted MarketWatch to be a standalone app for the sake of revenue generation.

    Once I settled on the UI design, I turned to React for frontend development.

    I was able to quickly develop a robust, component-based UI that would get real time data from the FastAPI backend.

    The tech solution.

    Lucky for me, I've already developed Pixt AI, a machine learning platform that's designed to understand the emotions, behaviors, and personality of pictures and videos that people upload and share, regardless of the source of the content, and deliver that previously unknown data.

    Using the Pixt API, I was able to send JSON requests to receive Visual Intelligence data, then leveraging my Influen$e platform's ability to identify and define a real dollar value of visual content (pictures and videos), I had a very robust AI backend to process data and devliver on valuation.

    To keep things relatively simple, I focused on Instagram's notorious API as a source of content (source of the majority of user-generated content), and I've chosen Stripe as my backend payment system.

    How it works.

    Using my previously developed platforms, I made a system that synchronizes Instagram content posted by users and influencers.

    Consider this like a stock market of influencer content. Users can see acquisition costs, performance data, and bid on content in real-time.

    Pixt AI processes the incoming visual content in real-time, then sends it to Influen$e to determine the value based on trend-worthiness, emotional and brand value, and more.

    The final MarketWatch app interfaces with the big data backend to stream a live feed of uploaded visual content, dollar values, acquisition costs, and more in real-time.


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