GeoMain is the .com for physical addresses.

Three days for a complete UX and UI redesign.

Start-up Advisory Strategy User Experience UI Design User Research

    GeoMain is the .com for physical addresses. Simply claim a unique name, and place a shareable GeoSpot on the app’s map for the world to find.

    The challenge

    I performed an initial UX audit to identify key usability challenges. One of the biggest hurdles to overcome was the bulky registration process, which required 16 steps and 34 user inputs, a process that could take a user up to 8 minutes to complete!

    Working with the GeoMain team, and their investors, I performed user research and task analysis to get to some high-level user personas, their needs, and goals.

    After a detailed review with the GeoMain team, I went to work on the UI design in Sketch of over 40 screens and elements.

    Fast pace. Fast delivery.

    Cranking through wireframes and task flows of every screen and user interaction I produced a User Experience document detailing UI elements and user interactions.

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